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What if I want auto pilot, hosting templates, jsp, asp, enom, site studio, or a dedicated ip added to my account?
Go to http://www.hostgator.com/changes.shtml

Do you have a manual for our Reseller panel?
Go to http://www.cpanel.net/docs/whm/index.html

Where do I go to login to my reseller control panel?

Where do I go to login to the sites I create?

How do I get my enom domain reseller account to purchase domains for $8.75 a year?

How do I setup private name servers?

I upgraded the bandwidth or disk space limit on my packages. Why aren't my sites updating?
You have to manually upgrade or downgrade a site to the newly edited packages, even if the site is using the same package name.

One of my sites exceeded its bandwidth limit. I raised it's limit but the site is still saying bandwidth exceeded, why?
cPanel doesn't recognize the update so to make it speed up the process go into your whm click "limit bandwidth" and give the site that's suspended 1mb higher then it has. (only do so after you have upgraded the site to a package that suits it's needs)

How can my clients view their site before dns is propagated?

I edited a hosting package why aren't my sites showing up with the new stats?
Editing a hosting package does not edit the sites that are already on the package. So to get your sites on the newly edited package you need to upgrade them to the same package name. After doing so the new stats will kick in.

If you add something into cPanel, and then when you go to check it and it's not there this is why....?
Login to your cPanel account and look at the left side of the page where it says "General account information" It will then list what has been used and how many of each feauture you have left. Notice how the below examples says 0 / 0 That means you are trying to add something your account doesn't have. You need to go into your WHM create a new hosting package that has the features you need. After creating this package with the features you need upgrade your site to the new package. Mysql Databases 0 / 0

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